the first online factory producing clothes on-demand

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fresh homemade garments

We believe in challenging the fashion industry status quo

  • We believe you’re unique and your clothes should reflect it
  • We believe you’re demanding and you deserve a great price quality ratio
  • We believe you truly want to change the world and think that clothes should not be produced at the other end of the planet

For all of this, we reinvent ready-to-wear with on-demand clothing.

La Textilerie is the first on-demand clothing factory

We are the first online factory producing high quality clothes instantly for you : clothes that are made on-demand, made-to-measure and made locally in the centre of cities.

To do this, we use magical 3D knitting machines to produce garments in just one step – directly from the initial yan to the final product – in less than one hour. This way we can offer you high quality clothes for a fair price with a limited impact on the environment.

Enjoy our brand new fashion experience

Are you a customer?

  1. Get access to the collections of the best fashion designers on our platform
  2. Select the garment you wish to produce and give us 3 tiny pieces of information about your unique silhouette
  3. Launch the production of your garment! We produce it instantly fitted to you in your city with our 3D knitting machines

Are you a designer?

  1. Easily prototype your designs with us in 4 days and post them on our platform
  2. We produce your collections on-demand and locally for your customers
  3. Enjoy the benefits of on-demand manufacturing: no upfront production, no fabrics leftover and no unsold stock
Let me know when your first garments are out